10xSocial OTO 1st, 2nd & 3rd – All 3 OTOs’ Links Here >>>

10xSocial OTO 1st, 2nd & 3rd: There are two FE options & 4 One Time Offers. First 10x Social OTO is Unlimited Version, Second 10x Social OTO is Pro Version, Third 10xSocial OTO is Agency License. There are other downsells. All the info >>>

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All 3 10xSocial OTO Links Below

OTOs Require Front End to Work Properly

Front End (Commercial):
=>> 10xSocial

OTO 1 (Unlimited Version):
=>> 10xSocial OTO 1

OTO 2 (Pro Version):
=>> 10xSocial OTO 2

OTO 3 (Agency License):
=>> 10xSocial OTO 3

Front End WalkThrough

Take A Look At The Different Videos You Can Send Inside Messenger For Your Clients:
Video interviews, Tutorial videos, Product Demo Videos, Promotional Videos, Video ads, Affiliate Videos, Sales Videos Vlogs, Video Testimonials, Live Streams, Case Study Videos.

Customers love becoming ‘FANS’ so that they can:
Get Discounts: Nearly 40% of Facebook users who become fans do so to receive discounts and promotions,
Buy: 18.3% of U.S. adults made a purchase through Facebook in the last year compared to 11.1% for Instagram and 2.9% for Pinterest,
Stay Informed: 34% of Facebook users say they Like brands in order to stay informed about company activities,
Get Future Updates: 33% say they Like brands to get updates on future products.

Video Inside Facebook Messenger is the Next Big Thing for Marketers – And We Have Made It Newbie Friendly:
In Fact, Using VIDEOS For Marketing On Facebook Messenger Is The ONLY Way To Get MORE Traffic, Leads & Sales In 2021.
Viewers claim they retain 95% of a message when obtained via video. (Social Media Week),
Video ads were the #1 way consumers discovered a brand they later purchased from. (Animoto),
95% of video marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service. (Wyzowl),
Over 70% of viewers say YouTube makes them aware of new brands. (YouTube),
93% of brands got a new customer because of a video on social media. (Animoto),
84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. (Wyzowl),
Facebook is the #1 platform where marketers plan to invest in the next 12 months. (Animoto),
76% of marketers planned to use video marketing on Facebook in 2020. (Wyzowl),
In 2020, 15% of all Facebook content was video. (Social Insider),
The optimal video length for engagement on Facebook is between 2 and 5 minutes. (Social Insider),
Accounts with over 100,000 Facebook followers post 71% of all video content. (Social Insider),
12% of Facebook video posts are live streams, but live streams get double the engagement of pre-recorded video posts. (Social Insider).

It Doubles Up As A 5-Figure Monthly Income Generation Tool:
Create Video Messenger Campaigns for your Clients and charge them anywhere between $500 – 5k+ per project. As a matter of fact, I have a simple way in which you can generate leads on demand – but I will reserve that for our bo*nus training for the new customers. As per our market trend research report – businesses are more than happy to pay between $1.5k and $5k for video marketing that looks good and delivers high conversions… AND combining FACEBOOK MESSENGER with Video – businesses will be queuing up in no time. As more and more businesses move online, you have an opportunity to capture this big UNTAPPED market – and you can do that with it. The Commercial License to it is being offered as a part of the main offer i.e. WITHOUT upgrading for a limited period of time.

Free Commercial License To Start Your Own Agency:
Look – we want to make this deal Irresistible. So we are going above and beyond what we planned (and offered to our beta users). So with this deal, you also unlock the commercial license. There are hundreds of businesses that need to build engagement on social media. You can do that for them. You can easily charge a minimum engagement fee of $1,000 per client per month. This can quickly turn into a highly profitable side-gig. And the commercial license helps you unlock that.

Meet Your Customers:
Product creators: Showcase their new product(s) or new feature(s),
Video Marketers: Promote their video ads directly via Messenger,
Restaurants: Give their FANS a sneak-preview of their new dishes,
Hotels: Send FANS a video of their property, facilities, rooms, restaurants, pool,
Digital Products: Show a demo of their new apps to their FANS on Facebook,
Affiliate Marketers: Show a demo video of their Affiliate Offers,
Salons: Promote new offers/services,
Influencers: Promote new promo videos to FANS,
Designers: Showcase their new designs, end of season sales,
Vloggers: Share their new vlog,
Spas: Show the ambience and services,
YouTubers: Share their new video,
Dentists/Vets: Show their clinics,
Architects: Showcase their projects,
Chiropractors: Send their customer testimonials,
Interior Designers: Show their new room designs,
Car Dealers: Show their new cars, announce special deals,
Life Coaches: Promote their events,
Realtors: Show new properties,
Gyms: Show the facilities, and customer testimonials.

Get These Extra Products with 10xSocial:
Email List Building Strategy: Email List Building is the key to your success. This training will provide you the best strategies to build your list and create a long-term income source. Never have to worry about sales conversions and earnings ever again,
Video Script Template: Create compelling marketing videos with ease! Earning sales and generating leads can now be done really fast with our Do-it-for-You Video Script. Your videos engage your viewers and compel them to take action,
Training Sessions: Making 6-Figure With it: When you purchase it today, you also unlock access to our 3-part bo*nus session series. In each session, we will go deeper into it, sharing with you effective ways in which you can monetize your messenger marketing. This alone is worth 5x what you will pay today, and it’s yours for free.

Front End Options:
PERSONAL LICENSE: Create 100 Campaigns, Collect Up To 5,000 Leads, Video Messages, Voice Messages, Audio Messages, Image Messages, Collect SMS & Emails, Text To Speech, Comment Guards, Post Composer, CTA Video Messenger Post, CTA Image Post, Chat Widget, Chat Plugin, m.me Links, Send to Messenger Plugin, Checkbox Plugin, Message Us Plugin, Post Finder, Carousel Items,
COMMERCIAL LICENSE: Create 1,000 Campaigns, Collect Up To 20,000 Leads, Commercial License.

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