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Bridger OTO 1st, 2nd, 3rd to 8th: There is a VIP version as front end option and eight other OTOs. The 1st Bridger OTO is Unlimited Version, the 2nd is Automation Version, the 3rd Bridger OTO is Done For You Setup, the 4th Bridger OTO is Agency License, the 5th Bridger OTO is Reseller Rights, the 6th Bridger OTO is Unlimited Traffic, the 7th Bridger OTO is Golden Membership, the 8th Bridger OTO is Profit Maximizer. There are some other down sells. The product is by Uddhab Pramanik and PixaBuild.

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OTOs Require Front End to Work Properly

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Bridger Details

Build & Scale A Profitable Online Business,
Generate Autopilot Free Traffic,
Step-By-Step, 24/7 Software Guidance,
100% Traffic Automation,
Achieve Financial Freedom,
Break Free From 9-5 Hamster Wheel,
Double Money-Back Guarantee,
Fully Cloud-Based Software,
Email Marketing,
SMS Marketing,
Messenger BOT,
Ecommerce in Messenger,
One Time Notification (OTN) Broadcasting,
Social Media Marketing,
Comparison & Search Marketing,
100% Newbie Friendly to Use Software.

Online Financial Freedom Takes 3 Simple Steps. Here’s how to use Bridger & begin your Financial Freedom Journey. Take Action Now. Your Freedom is 3 steps away:
Step 1: Purchase it. Our one-time offer will be gone for good soon. Hurry up,
Step 2: Select How You Want To Receive Traffic. It offers a MULTITUDE of free traffic generation methods to earn money online,
Step 3: Generate Freedom Income. Let it Run & Make Sales While You Enjoy The Life You Deserve.

Dear Friend:
2020 was NOT easy for you. For nobody, actually. 2021 has to be your YEAR. It’s time to start taking action. Why is taking action important?. Because you CAN’T MISS OPPORTUNITIES LIKE THIS. Bridger was specifically created to generate free traffic and help people all around the world to create a consistent online income EFFORTLESSLY. “One-click-generate” mechanics is what stands behind it. And others have already taken action and use it to generate a 5-Figure income that gives them the FREEDOM they want in life. It’s your DUTY to do the same. So I ask you..will you CHANGE YOUR LIFE?.

Bridger’s GOALS are the following:
Make money online a simple thing,
Help people automate their WHOLE marketing mix,
Generate Free Converting Traffic Easily,
Make Life Easier,
Build A Sustainable Automated High Income Business,
Make You Feel At Ease Letting it Do The Heavy Lifting For You.

It Is NOT For People who:
Want to do hard work on social-media,
Want to lose time figuring the right way to earn money online,
Want to spend time learning complicated things,
Want to use methods like traffic exchanges, paid advertising, spamming on forums and similar.

It is FOR People who:
Like simple things,
Want a proven money-making process,
Want to have time for themselves & their needs,
Want to relax while having a software do the work for them,
Want to easily generate traffic without struggling.
Simplicity = Profitability – Jill Carrob. Take Action Now. Your Freedom Awaits.

Wait, Something Important:
Due to being a profit-oriented company, we also need to make a profit. This one-time price isn’t that much profitable for us we will SOON change it to a still small, BUT higher price ( $$$ ) order to provide support to it. You have to ACT NOW. High-Income people see RARE opportunities like THIS and IMMEDIATELY take advantage. That’s why there’s a new online business everyday and now you can also have the opportunity to build a 5-Figure business. They were in the same position as you are right now. They made the step towards making their life easier when they had the opportunity. The question is…WILL YOU STEP UP AND MAKE THE DECISION TO ACHIEVE FINANCIAL FREEDOM?. IMPORTANT: The moment you START USING it, you MAY NEVER want to go back to anything else, nor to a 9-5 job.

We Are So Confident That Bridger Will Transform Your Life That We’ll Shoulder All The Risk Involved:
We believe SO MUCH in it, and we want to make you feel peace of mind when purchasing. It’s not like what we charge is a lot, but WE WANT YOU TO BE SAFE. So here’s, from our point of view, an impossible-to-refuse offer. It’s like giving a tool to change your life FOREVER It’s 100% RISK-FREE FOR YOU. 180 Days Money Back Guarantee: If you feel like it isn’t suitable for you and doesn’t help you at all, as a result of using it, we will double your money back after giving it a try.

Some Mind Blowing Features Of it:
Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Messenger BOT, Ecommerce in Messenger, One Time Notification (OTN) Broadcasting, Auto Comment Tools, Comment BOT Tools, Page Inbox Manager, Facebook Posting, Social Media Posting, Comparison & Search Marketing, Analytical Marketing, Additional Features.

On Top Of All This, You Will Get The Following Bon*uses:
Marketing Automation: Learn to automate everything from social media, to email, website and chat. NO WORK involved. (Worth $498),
Free Traffic Generation: Tap into the best, most time-tested methods to generate quality free traffic that generates SALES. (Worth $2997),
Increase Productivity Guidelines: Learn to automate everything from social media, to email, website and chat. NO WORK involved. (Worth $498).

OTO 1 – Unlimited Version:
Generate Unlimited Traffic:
By unlocking all the features, you give yourself the possibility to use the software to create an unlimited number of campaigns that make you consistent income everyday. Imagine this…you can have 1 Money-Making System, or you can have 10, or 100. You probably already know how much money you can make with only 1 Campaign. 10 or more campaigns may make you cry of happiness. Let’s say your 1 campaign makes you $100/week. How much will 100 campaigns make you? Do the math.

Create Unlimited Campaigns: As you’ve probably heard the saying “more campaigns means more money”. That’s why we specifically created this “Unlimited” option. We know how important it is to be able to scale your income. Exactly what you can unlock with this upgrade.

Generate Unlimited Traffic: You must understand that what you have is basically a traffic tool. You know that the more traffic you have, the more money you will make. What if you could have an option like a switch-on button and when you press it, it automatically starts sending unlimited traffic to your money-making Offers. Your Affiliate links may basically become flooded with traffic and sales. All these lead to 1 single thing.

Unlimited Commissions: Having the “Unlimited” option unlocked, you open the gates to increasing your income to how much you want. You have the power of your income. Something MOST people would die for. And now you have this opportunity.

OTO 2 – Automation Version: Let our cloud-based software earn you money without doing ANYTHING, The software will flood your affiliate account with funds 24/7, Achieve True Freedom. Just lay back & relax, Scale Your Earnings Beyond 5-figures 100% Autopilot.

Frequently Asked Question

Will I get Support for this software?
Yes, our 24*7 support team is always available to solve your issues and help you get best results from bridger.

Are there any monthly fees?
No, currently we are offering a one time price for this tool. So, get this software before it’s reversing to Monthly subscription.

Is there any money back guarantee?
Yes, we are offering 180 days money back guarantee. So there is no risk when you act now. Only way you lose is by taking no action.

Do you update your product and improve?
Yes, we always maintain our product and improve with new features.

How to Activate my Early Bird discount?
Click the below button to grab this at early bird discount.

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