Help. Profit. Repeat

You’ve heard about MobileGeddon. You’ve seen how the fear of it, and the results of it are driving website owners to distraction.

Online & Offline website owners are suffering because whilst they were focussed on social media, Instragram photos, retweets and shares- Google pulled the rug from under them.

‘MobileGeddon’ is penalising sites that don’t put mobile first on mobile devices.

In steps a radical solution at the RIGHT Time.

It’s called “Cloud Prospect Machine”.

This AMAZING web software transforms you into the SOLUTION.

Cloud Prospect Machine:

Create Target List Of Vulnerable Websites In Any Niche And Region
Create Detailed Reports Highlighting Weakness Unique To Each Site
Profile System Delivers Niche Specific Pitch Emails

In other words, the software finds the right people, gets them to beg you for help – and gets you the deal.

Go here to see how you can get a slice of the ‘MobileGeddon’ Pie:

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PS: The window of opportunity is VERY small for MobileGeddon. Profit by helping NOW.

Help Profit. Repeat.

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