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Income Engine OTO 1 to 8: There is a front end offer and eight other OTOs. The 1st is Unlimited Version, the 2nd Income Engine OTO is Done For You, the 3rd Income Engine OTO is High Ticket Maximizer, the 4th is Drive, the 5th Income Engine OTO is Passive Income Masterclass, the 6th is Multiple Teams of Income Masterclass, the 7th Income Engine OTO is DFY Traffic Booster, the 8th Income Engine OTO is Reseller License. The product is by Shawn Josiah and Seyi Adeleke.

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OTOs Require Front End to Work Properly

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Income Engine Details

What is Income Engine:
It lets you create self-running mega-stores, AKA Income Engines. These automated stores sell both virtual and physical products backed by a proven track record of success. And the best part?. The built-in traffic inside of it ensures that 1000’s of FREE buyers are visiting your online store.

Free Built In Traffic,
Send 1,000s OF Free Buyers To Your Site At The Press Of A Button,
Completely Automated Sites, Set Them Up Once & Forget About It,
Free Hosting Included,
Your Site Will Be Pre-Loaded With Hot, Done For You Products,
No Extra Fees, Income Engine Gives You Everything You Need.

Turn On it With Just 4 Clicks:
Click #1 – Choose DFY Products: Select the done for you products that you want to have on your site. These are all PROVEN winners, and are the same products we’ve made 6 figures with, no joke,
Click #2 – Publish Your Mega-Store: Press the continue button to publish & save your mega-store. We’ll give you a domain to use and host the site for you,
Click #3 – Connect Your PayPal: Don’t worry, this is super simple, all it takes is one click to hookup your PayPal account. This is so you can start getting paid,
Click #4 – Activate The Built In Traffic: Now it’s time to get people to visit your online mega-store. Simply turn on the built in traffic to begin receiving 1000’s of FREE buyers daily.

Income Engine Is Jam Packed With Powerful Features:
Sell anything you want, everything from eCom products, software, physical products, affiliate offers, eBooks, webinars, dropshipping, local services, and more,
Battle tested hot products: (with Supplier’s link, Marketing Content, Facebook Ads Creativity, Video Ads, Product price markup, etc),
Flexible page editor – fully edit any page to your liking with our top of the line funnel builder,
It lets you get paid directly by Stripe & PayPal. Just press a few buttons to hookup your account and start receiving payments,
Free built in blazing fast hosting, this feature by itself will save you hundreds of dollars every single year,
It gets your link in front of 1000’s of hungry buyers interested in the product you’re selling thanks to it’s built-in smart automation,
Sale boosting elements – Increase your revenue with the help of countdown timers, exit popups, and banners,
Connect your autoresponder to it and start collecting emails to build a monster sized list,
Your sites are protected by SSL encryption and makes sure your buyers feel secure,
Done for you email swipes – Abandon cart, new product alert, OTO swipes. Simply copy and paste into your autoresponder.

Especially eCom Giants Like Amazon And eBay:
Although the COVID-19 pandemic has ended, it’s changed how money is spent. Online shopping has always been growing, but COVID-19 sped up the process. In fact… eCommerce is worth a whopping $5 TRILLION dollars. Yes, a trillion with A T. Imagine if you could capture just a speck of that profit being generated. Now, let me ask you this.
What If YOU Could Have Your Own Online Mega-Store Like Amazon Or eBay:
Would that change things for you?. Without a doubt, it would pack a powerful and PROFITABLE punch. So my team got to work to make this a reality. Our goal?. Make it possible for ANY newbie to create their own online “mega-store” like Amazon, in only 5 minutes And after 8 months of hard work, we’ve accomplished it.

You Can Now Have Your OWN Mega-Store With Done For You Products:
It’s all thanks to a new breakthrough achieved by my team of coders. Here’s what we’ve done. We’ve created an app that lets you have your VERY OWN “mega-store” like Amazon or eBay And that’s preloaded with done-for-you products proven to sell like hotcakes. Both digital and physical products.

These Mega-Stores Even Drive 1,000’s Of FREE Buyers To Themselves:
Not only will the mega-store be automatically filled with done for you products. It also has the ability to drive traffic to itself. Think of it like a self-driving Tesla. But instead of operating the steering wheel, it drives 1,000’s of FREE targeted buyers to your site. Thought that’s all? It gets even better.

We’ll Even Host The Sites For You And Give You A Domain For Free:
In addition to the built in traffic. We will host these sites for you on our blazing-fast servers. This feature alone will save you hundreds of dollars on a yearly basis. You’ll also get a free domain And everything is configured for you so there’s none of that tech stuff to mess around with.

Dear Overworked Beginner:
Are you satisfied with the money you’re making in 2021?. Do weeks, months or even years go by without seeing results?. Are you thinking of giving up?. I completely understand where you’re coming from.
Because I’ve experienced the same nightmares as you:
Buying Countless Products,
Always Getting Screwed Over,
Desperate For Results,
Working My Butt Off For Nothing.
Can you relate?. If so, please don’t give up. Because I’m happy to say that there IS light at the end of the tunnel.
And I COMPLETELY Understand How Urgent It Is For You To See Results:
Let’s be real here. I don’t know you personally, but I DO know that you AREN’T able to wait. You Can’t Wait Weeks Or Months Or Years. As your current problems can’t wait. Whether it’s unpaid bills, wanting a better life, or needing income to provide for your family, those issues need to be solved ASAP And they CAN be. In the next couple minutes, you’ll discover how you can have your very own online “mega-store” like Amazon or Ebay, with just 4 clicks. All I ask is for you to give your attention to every letter on this page.

Making Money Online Isn’t As Hard As You Think with Income Engine:
Unfortunately, 99% of online income seekers FAIL. Why?.
Because they chase new fads, and using outdated methods like:
Making Videos, Solo Ads, Paid Traffic, Spamming, Blogging, Content Creation, Chatbots, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads And if you’ve tried those things before, don’t feel bad.
Because It’s NOT Your Fault:
You’ve been lied to. Frankly, there’s FAR too much blind leading the blind out there. And you’re struggling because of it. So please. Stop pointing the finger at yourself. Pat yourself on the back.
So How Do You See Results:
Stick to ONE thing at a time. The business legend Andrew Carnegie, who was worth $310 billion couldn’t have said it better. “The way to become rich is to put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket.” In other words, give your attention to ONE thing. That’s the secret. Look, earning online DOESN’T have to be hard.

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