The Strategy That Sells Mobile Sites For You…

No one wants to have to ‘sell’ anything. Everyone wants a market that is desperate to buy.

We all know that desperate ‘buyer’ markets don’t come along very often. When they do – the first to get on board get the lions share of the profit.

Just such an opportunity has occurred with the advent of MobileGeddon.

Websites are suffering, people filled with fear. There is a huge opportunity to help these people.

This is the secret. You don’t need to “sell” to them – they are desperate to pay you to help.

The real key, is finding the right people and showing that you understand and can solve their ranking problems.

Cloud Prospect Machine is a complete web software that does everything from:

finding websites that are vulnerable
producing detailed reports that analyse each website
getting the right contact details automatically.
utilising custom niche profiles to close them

You even get software to solve their ranking problems!

In other words, you get everything you need to profit.

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PS. It’s rare to have a desperate buyers market eager to pay you…