The Unethical Choice…

… is to do nothing when you can help.

MobileGeddon is in the process of rewriting the rankings.

That means a lot of local and online website owners are desperate for a solution.

With ‘Cloud Prospect Machine’ you can offer that solution – and profit.

The alternative is to leave the cash on the table and wait until the hucksters take over. It happens with every Google change and it will happen again.

The windows of opportunity will be very short, but lucrative.

Here is what Cloud Prospect Machine does:

Cloud Prospect Machine let’s you get the LIONS share of the deals up for grabs, without the work.

Create Target List Of Vulnerable Websites In Any Niche And Region
Create Detailed Reports Highlighting Weakness Unique To Each Site
Profile System Delivers Niche Specific Pitch Emails

Do not hesitate, watch the video and see how Cloud Prospect Machine can automate your profits.

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PS. Each stage from finding prospects, to “selling” them and closing them is handled for you.